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GCAJ2013-01 – Albert Joseph – Walk Away

Albert Joseph’s brand new imprint, Glass Cannon, kicks off with this hybrid club banger. The track’s lush cinematic intro sets a perfect stage for the onslaught of brazen hip-hop rhythms, aggressive dubstep bass lines, pulsing main room synths, and elegant symphonic melodics that ensue as the beat drops.

Walk Away

GCAJ2014-01 – Albert Joseph – San Pablo

Albert Joseph grinds out yet another dance floor motivator complete with slapping percussion, rolling snares, and 808 drops deep enough to soak in. Topped off with an ample portion of AJ’s signature synth melodics and glitchy soundscapes, the third release from the Glass Cannon camp goes hard!

San Pablo

GCAJ2013-02 – Albert Joseph – California Special

This one's an anthem, complete with chunky synth hooks, snappy percussion, 808 drops galore, and a west coast sine wave solo with more curves than Highway 1!

California Special

BRAJ200701 – Albert Joseph – MINImassive!

Listen to the Glass Cannon VIP remix of Albert Joseph's Contemplation on Soundcloud and trade a Facebook like for an exclusive 320kbps MP3 download.


BRAJ2006-01 – Albert Joseph – Afterourz

Albert Joseph's classic Afterourz LP is now streamable on Soundcloud. All 1000 copies of the double vinyl LP have been sold but you can still grab a digital copies on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Rdio.